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Exclusive: Quaylon And DMark Get Aggressively Handsy During “Life After Lockup” Kerfluffle [VIDEO]

Just when Quaylon thinks he's got things back on track with Shavel, her cousin DMark makes it clear he doesn't want him around. How far will Quaylon go to fight for his love?

Quaylon isn’t letting Shavel go without a fight. LITERALLY!

Quaylon And Shavel

Source: Love After Lockup / We TV

We’re just a day away from a brand new episode of our favorite guilty pleasure franchise, “Life After Lockup” and we have an exclusive sneak peek preview clip for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve been keeping up with Quaylon and Shavel since the beginning of their “Love After Lockup” journey you know they have had their share of challenges — but in Friday’s upcoming episode, there’s no challenge more persistent than Shavel’s cousin DMark, who isn’t happy at all that Quaylon is back in the picture. Check out the clip below:

We’re just wondering — was it intentional that no actual blows were delivered in that explosive kerfluffle?

Here’s what else to expect from Friday’s episode:

Shawn stuns Destinie when he makes a surprising move. Quaylon faces off with his nemesis, Dmark. A crime trio reunites when Puppy plots revenge on Vince. Brittany is shocked by her mom’s confession. Michael cozies up at Sarah’s, but Emmy objects.

There’s always so much adventure on the “Lockup” shows. Is it bad that we’re worried for Vince?

LIFE AFTER LOCKUP airs Friday, February 19 at 9 PM ET/PT on WE tv

Will you be watching?

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