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Could Kenya Moore Have Plans For A Second Baby? “I Still Have Several Embryos Stored” [VIDEO]

"The Carlos Watson Show" is joined by "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" star Kenya Moore for this Wednesday's episode and the actress and former beauty queen admits she'd like to have a second child but is wrestling with whether or not to move forward.

Could Kenya Moore have plans for more babies?

Kenya Moore

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The actress, model, entrepreneur and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is a guest on today’s episode of “The Carlos Watson Show” and she’s got some surprising reveals she makes about her parenting experience and some decisions she still has ahead. Carlos asks Kenya if she’s thought about adoption, surrogacy or having more kids and it turns out she actually is considering it.

“We did IVF because I had a history of being infertile and just not knowing what could happen so thank God I still have some options,” Kenya told Carlos. “I still have several embryos that are still frozen and being stored. I nearly died having Brooklyn and at age 50 next year I don’t think it’s the wisest thing for me to do. Do I want one more? The answer is yes. Will I be brave enough to embark on that journey? I’m not sure yet. I’m still trying to decide.”

Wow were you surprised at that answer? We wonder how much of an impact her divorce from Marc had. We have a feeling that she might have proceeded without this level of hesitation.

Kenya was less hesitant when Carlos asked her if she could choose the sex of her second child what she’d want.

“For sure a boy,” Kenya responded. “I already have my Princess and she is everything that I could’ve imagined a little girl to be. I actually didn’t want a little girl at first. In my mind pre birth I felt like I would clash with a little girl. I thought we would fight all the time, we wouldn’t get along that it would be a battle but that wasn’t the case. I truly couldn’t imagine if I had had a boy first.”

We’re glad that Kenya and Brooklyn don’t clash — yet. Most parents would probably caution Kenya she’s not completely in the clear yet.

Check out the clip from today’s show below:

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