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Tiddays & Treats: The Most Screen-Lickable Slays Of Valentine’s Day 2021

We've compiled the hottest Valentine's Day pics from our favorite Instagram baddies and celebs like Jordyn Woods, Rihanna, Chloe Bailey, Saweetie and more

Loooove Day

Valentine’s Day 2021 was a love-filled mishmash of COVID-era canoodling, masked up boo lovin’ and extravagant displays of affection kicked off by Rihanna who set the tone with her super sexy Savage x Fenty campaign launch last month.

The new drop came in four collections: Candy Hearts, Seamless Fishnet, Linking Hearts, and an assortment of men’s underwear styles and starred a variety of sex-oozing celebrity ambassadors including Miguel and his wife Nazanin and Rihanna herself.

“Do that thing that you love the most,” said Rihanna about the love/hated holiday.

“Make it all about you and your boo will benefit. If it makes you feel good and makes you feel sexy, then just do it.”

The Dennis Leupold-lensed campaign starring a devilishly sexy Rihanna was the hottest thing smokin’ at a lonely time for many deprived of physical contact and social interaction outside of quarantine.

But hey, at least we had celebs to live vicariously through as they showed off lavish Valentine’s Day surprises/gifts that melted social media into heart eye goo.

“Thank you again baby for this beautiful trip @offsetyrn,” captioned Cardi B on the lavish video that put our lil edible arrangements to shame.

Your right I need to take my mind off work for a lil bit and live life .I can’t wait for the rest of the day (even tho I’m still drunk from last night 😒)Love & appreciate you ❤️”

So, without any further ado, treat yourself to the sexiest slays from Valentine’s Dat 2021 on the flip and tell us who had the sexiest look down below.

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