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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms Voices Concerns Over NBA Hosting All-Star Weekend In Atlanta

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms voices concern for the NBA's last-minute decision to host All-Star weekend in Atlanta amid COVID concerns.

Keisha Lance Bottoms expresses concerns for NBA All-Star weekend coming to Atlanta amid COVID-19 concerns and wants travelers to stay home and watch the event on TV.

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The NBA decided for its 2020-2021 season to not return to the bubble as they did to finish last season, and so far, it has gone better than expected. Players are following strict COVID-19 guidelines and the outbreaks have been kept to a minimum. Even with the season going fairly well, COVID-wise, the NBA is now planning an All-Star weekend in Atlanta on March 7th.

Many players have already voiced how horrible of an idea they believe this is but at the end of the day, the NBA is a business with sponsors, investors, and owners to please. The issue is: even if they do not allow fans, the city the game is held in will have after-parties and the economy will try and profit from the event at every venue possible. That, in return, is going to cause COVID-19 cases to rise and ICUs to take a beating.

Keisha Lance Bottoms is finally speaking her mind on the event and urging people to keep a “must-see TV” mindset and watch and enjoy the weekend at home. Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking with on the Mayor’s part, with Atlanta being one of the cities that is WIDE OPEN at the moment.

You can read her full statement below and if you’re in Atlanta during All-Star weekend, STAY SAFE!

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