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#MindingHerBusiness: Multimedia Maven Alex Jackson Secures $100K In Brand Deals For Black Influencers During Pandemic

Introduction to tastemaker, dealmaker and movemaker Alex Jackson--Founder of Media Girls LA


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Source: Media Girls LA

Multi-hyphenate media maven Alex Jackson has mastered making money while everyone’s sleep as the Founder of Media Girls LA where she secures brand deals for clients when she’s not interviewing celebrities, covering exclusive events and raising the bar for go-getters in the industry.

“I’ve been successful at this is because I’m a hustler and a go-getter, honestly,” she said. When I get no’s from people it literally pushes me harder to prove people wrong!

When I became a full-time entrepreneur in 2017 after losing my job, that was the day I told myself I would make this media stuff work for me! And from that day, I been working my a** off not to go back.”

In 2018, the Memphis, Tennessee native pitched her friend and influencer Miracle Watts for promotional deals in a pivotal power move that laid the groundwork for a new division within her company.

With lucrative brand deals coming in regularly, she worked on enhancing her own social media presence with an emphasis on consistency, engagement, editing and more.

From there, she secured brand deals for herself before learning that her caucasian counterparts were paid significantly higher than Black influencers.

In that moment, she made it her mission to advocate for influencers of color and secure the compensation they deserve.

Last year, when the pandemic surged across the world, no one knew how COVID would impact the influencer business. All promotional and marketing deals were on pause until further notice. Influencers started scrambling for opportunities and eventually reached out to Jackson.

Jackson followed up with brands she had previously worked with to no avail which prompted her to change her approach.

Instead of narrowing her scope to specific influencers, she expanded her network to include a diverse collection of influencers as well as YouTubers.

In addition, she strategized more effective ways to promote her services and was back to not only landing deals but closing more than she had before the pandemic.

“Besides my bank account increasing, my personal growth was phenomenal in 2020,” she said, reflecting on the stressfully uncertain year.

I honestly saw myself grow so much in this last year and I’m so excited to see how I do this year.”

To date, Media Girls LA has secured over $100K in brand deals for Black influencers that include Master P, Romeo Miller, Miracle Watts, Mehgan James and more.

This year, Jackson plans to double the number of influencers on her roster while pushing for higher pay for Black influencers and content creators in our “new normal.”

“I really feel like this is our new normal so, at this point, we have to get creative more than ever before because everybody is trying to do something virtual now,” she said.

It’s really about figuring out how you can use all these different social media platforms to leverage what you have going on.”

For more info on Media Girls LA, click here.

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