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Dave Chappelle Talks Capitol Insurrection, COVID-19 Fight & Comedy Central Resolution In ‘Redemption Song’ [Video]

David Chappelle releases a new short stand-up footage on his Instagram called "Redemption Song" where he discusses catching COVID-19, the insane insurrection at the United States capitol that happened January 6th, and how he resolved his issues with Comedy Central.

Dave Chappelle drops off a new, short stand-up titled Redemption Song, in which he details fighting COVID-19, his thoughts on the Capitol riots and insurrection, and how he made amends with Comedy Central to bring Chappelle’s Show back to Netflix.

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Dave Chappelle has been sidelined for a few weeks after catching COVID-19, which he caught while out in Texas performing intimate stand-up shows to help employ his local community during these difficult times. Finally, Dave has beaten COVID and is now back to doing what he loves and what we love him for: giving us his unfiltered commentary on the world.

Chappelle released a new short-form stand-up titled Redemption Song, where he details how people couldn’t wait for him to catch COVID-19 and how that’s just how cowards work. Dave also gives his thoughts on the Capitol riots and insurrection that occurred on January 6th, even pointing out how Black America would have been done what the MAGA supporters did if it was that easy to change how things work in America.

Lastly, the comedian offers a surprising update to his ongoing saga with Comedy Central over his show, Chappelle’s Show, in which he detailed in his previous stand-up, Unforgiven. Comedy Central did right by Dave and they gave him everything he asked for and the show will be back on Netflix starting today. This recap doesn’t come close to giving you what the video itself will, so you can hear Dave in his own words down below.

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