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“Belle Collective” Exclusive: Latrice Is Left Out of a Family Affair [VIDEO]

On OWN reality series "Belle Collective" Latrice is surprised to learn that her brother may have secretly wed without telling her.

Have you been keeping up with the “Belle Collective”?

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Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

A brand new episode airs on OWN tonight and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek for your viewing pleasure! In the clip we get to see a more vulnerable side of Latrice, who receives some shocking news from her husband “Zaddy” about her brother. Latrice explains that she and her brother aren’t exactly close because he spent years behind bars. He’s since been released but the rumor Latrice hears from her husband has her feeling abandoned by her brother. Check out the clip below:

Wow. Poor Latrice.

Here’s a description of what we can expect from Friday’s episode:

While Marie defends herself at the Women’s Brunch, Latrice becomes emotional when she feels abandoned by her brother. Lateshia’s husband, Glen, comes home to find his wife ignoring her household duties — in both the kitchen and the bedroom.

This should be interesting. We haven’t seen much of Lateshia’s husband until now. Wonder how she’ll balance all her brunch business with him home.

A brand new episode of “Belle Collective” airs on OWN tonight, Friday February 12, 2021 at 10 pm EST.

Will you be watching?

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