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The Real Genius Of The Family: Kim K Shares Bob Ross-esque Artwork From North West

Kim Kardashian shared a landscape painting by her "little artist" North West that had Twitter divided. Some fans commented on the similarity to Bob Ross' work, while others questioned whether the 7-year-old actually painted it or if Kim was lying.

We’ve always known North is a special kid.

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But now Kim Kardashian is sharing that her and Kanye’s eldest may have picked up some of her Dad’s skills as an artist.

Kim posted a photo of a mountainous landscape painting with the caption, “My little artist North.”

The beautiful image was signed off with North written messily, followed by a smiley face.

More than a few folks expressed disbelief that KimYe’s 7-year-old was capable of putting in the work it would take to create such an impressive image. Others presented some of Kanye’s old drawings, theorizing that North is simply a chip off the old block. The vast majority of comments did what Twitter is known for and pretty much trolled North’s work of art .

Some even substituted in Van Gogh’s starry night while poking fun at the possibility that North is a young prodigy.

A few folks posted in awe at the possibility of a 7-year-old more talented and rich than most adults. But those tweets were likely facetious.

And there were also a few folks who wanted evidence North actually did what her mom said she did.

All the conspiracy theorists were “proven” wrong by a Tik Toker who happens to be the daughter of North’s art teacher. She presented evidence, including a similar painting she made at age 6, to support Kim’s claim that her 7-year-old definitely knows her way around paintbrushes and a palette.

Do you think the TikToker vindicated North?

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