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Casanova Is Facing Disciplinary Action After Posting Viral June Bug Challenge Behind Bars [Video]

Casanova is facing disciplinary actions stemming from him participating in the Junebug challenge while being behind bars and violating their no recording during video call rules.

Casanova could be facing disciplinary action behind bars, stemming from his participation in the viral June Bug challenge during a video call.

Rapper Casanova at Z107.9 White Out 2019!

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Last month, Casanova was named in a federal indictment in New York City for racketeering charges. At the time, his whereabouts were unknown but eventually, the rapper turned himself in, sending one last video via his wifey to let people know he’ll be ok and hopefully, he will be home soon.

Since then, it’s been rather quiet regarding his case, which can be a good thing, in some scenarios. According to TMZ, however, Casanova now has all the attention on him for doing a TikTok dance behind bars and going viral.

A woman recorded him accepting the “Junebug Challenge” during a video visit. Gotta say, the TikTok challenge is to do a dance in strange locations, so Casanova clearly checked that box.
Jail officials didn’t see it that way, and now he’s facing discipline. Westchester County Correction Commissioner Joseph Spano says Casanova’s video visitation privileges have been yanked … turns out recording videos and taking pics during a visit are prohibited.

Obviously, this is not how you would want to have the spotlight on you when you’re trying to come home. To make matters worse, him doing the challenge maskless is another violation they are pushing to punish him for. Good to see him keeping his spirits high but in the end, it’s not worth the discipline.

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