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“Belle Collective” Exclusive: Can The Ladies Brunch Without Any Drama? [VIDEO]

On the next episode of OWN's "Belle Collective," the ladies give brunch another go and this time Latrice doesn't attend, but Marie still manages to have something to say to Antoinette.

Can the ladies of “Belle Collective” brunch without any drama?

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Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

“Belle Collective” is back with a brand new episode tonight and Lateshia is having another brunch for the ladies. Lateshia’s last brunch was a bust after Antoinette didn’t get the memo about attire and Marie came for Latrice’s hair extension business, now it’s time for another brunch and this time around Tambra is able to attend and Antoinette has her fascinator ready! Also, Latrice isn’t able to attend so there’s no chance of another issue with Marie. So you would think things would go smoothly right? Nope! Watch the exclusive clip below for a preview of Marie and Antoinette’s awkward exchange.

SMH… Boy! Marie doesn’t let anything slide. How would you have responded if you were Antoinette? And what did you think about Marie’s comments about her hat. Do you agree with her or do you think she just had to have something to say? Who is your favorite character on “Belle Collective” so far? We’re leaning toward Antoinette.

The new episode of “Belle Collective” airs tonight Friday, February 5th at 10pm EST. You can catch up on previous episodes at 8pm and 9pm.

Will you be watching?

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