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‘One Night In Miami’ Exclusive: Aldis Hodge Recalls Being Called The N-Word Growing Up In Racist Town [VIDEO]

Aldis Hodge talked about his role as Jim Brown in 'One Night In Miami' and revealed his own experience facing racism growing up in New Jersey.

If you haven’t seen ‘One Night In Miami’ on Prime Video yet, we highly encourage you to check it out!

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Source: Amazon Studios / Prime Video

The film tells the story of the friendship between Jim Brown, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), following the foursome as they gather one night in 1964 to celebrate Cassius’ victory over Sonny Liston. Based on a true story, the men discuss their roles as public figures in a racist America.

Bossip Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with actor Aldis Hodge about playing the role of Jim Brown in ‘One Night In Miami.’ He spoke about the pressure of playing a living legend and revealed that he has experienced racism in his lifetime, sadly sharing a story about getting in a fight after a young classmate used the N-word toward him.

Check out the interview below!

It’s so terrible that these things are still happening TODAY. Shocking though that Aldis had that experience growing up in New Jersey. It just goes to show there are strongholds for racism everywhere. Fortunately hate never prevails. Just look — Aldis is now a successful actor, starring in one of the most important films of the year. Where do you think that kid is at who called him out of his name? Sometimes justice is served, and not in the traditional way at all.

We’re so glad Aldis got the report back that Jim Brown saw the film and was happy with the way he was portrayed.

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