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The Royal Trailer Has Arrived: ‘Coming 2 America’ Arrives On Prime Video March 5th [VIDEO]

'Coming 2 America' official trailer introduces Prince Akeem's kids, including his long lost son Lavelle.

We’re just a month away from the ‘Coming 2 America’ premiere date and Amazon has finally unleashed the official trailer.

Coming 2 America Poster

Source: Amazon Studios / Amazon Studios

We’ve been waiting on the ‘Coming To America’ sequel for decades and now we’re just four weeks from seeing the actual film. Amazon unleashed the official trailer today where you get to see much of the star studded cast, including Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley, Kiki Layne, Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jones, and more. Check it out below:

We can’t wait! As you can see from the trailer things get super silly in this one and all of our old favorites are back — some for cameos and others as main characters.

The plot finds Prince Akeem and his wife Lisa living in Zamunda with their three daughters. After his father informs him he has a long lost male heir back in America, he and Semi return to Queens to track him down. His son, played by Jermaine Fowler returns to Zamunda along with his mother (Leslie Jones). Things are a little tense because Prince Akeem’s oldest daughter Meeka (Kiki Layne) has been preparing to be the heir for her entire life. It doesn’t help that the leader of a neighboring nation General Izzi (Wesley Snipes) is doing all he can to encroach on Zamunda, whether by war or joining the royal families through marriage.

There are SO many cameos in this film. We don’t want to spoil anything for you but we’re super excited about the conversations that will happen once everyone watches.

‘Coming 2 America’ lands at Amazon on March 5th.

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