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Exclusive: Did You Know THIS Is How Cynthia Bailey’s Supermodel Career Started?

Did you know Cynthia Bailey's modeling career all started because she became her high school's Homecoming Queen?

Have you ever wondered how models get discovered?

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Cynthia Bailey is the guest of honor on Wednesday’s episode of OZY’s “The Carlos Watson Show!” During the episode she reveals how she launched her supermodel career. Surprisingly her winning career came out of a loss! Cynthia was Homecoming Queen at her predominantly white high school and as a result she landed in a beauty pageant for Homecoming Queens. She didn’t win anything, not even Miss Congeniality, but the opportunity put her in front of a judge who also happened to be a modeling scout. The scout signed her and it was all history from there. Check out her story below:

First of all, Cynthia’s high school photo is stunning, isn’t it? She’s clearly been beautiful her entire life. We loved hearing this story and thought it was kind of funny that Cynthia was initially upset about not winning anything in the pageant. Ultimately she won a great opportunity that she turned into a whole career. We absolutely LOVE that. Did you know that this was how Cynthia got scouted? Where do you think the rest of those ladies are today who were also entered into the Homecoming Queen pageant? Goes to show you that winning isn’t everything! Cynthia might not have won the pageant but she’s winning in life STILL. Her modeling career blazed a trail for other black models and she parlayed that career into a successful reality TV career and a lucrative life as an entrepreneur.

Now it looks as though Cynthia’s 21-year-old daughter Noelle Robinson is following in her footsteps. On Monday, the busy housewife posted a picture of her and her daughter teasing their ad campaign for Shea Moisture, and boy do they both look absolutely stunning. Check out the photos down below!

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