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Courtside Karen: LeBron James Responds To Maskless White Hecklers In Atlanta Before They Are Ejected

LeBron James argues with heckler couple in Atlanta before they were ejected

Boo-hoo, bish. Boo-tf-hoo.

Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty

It never fails. You can practically set your watch to the amount of time it takes for an out-of-pocket white woman to play victim after being held accountable for her egregious behavior. Minute rice could never. Allow us to explain.

Last night, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were in Atlanta playing the Hawks at State Farm Arena. During the fourth quarter, a particularly belligerent couple who were later identified as Juliana and Chris Carlos got into a back-and-forth with King James and they clearly bit off more than they can chew.

The version of the incident that Sportscenter posted was a bit watered down but we know you came here for the raw and uncut, so, here ya go.

Juliana stayed true to her white roots and took to social media to add mayo to the story and cast herself as the damsel in distress.

As you see, Juliana escalated the situation beyond a conversation between two grown men. Who exactly are you going to “f**k up”, Juliana? LeBron James? You are going to f**k up LeBron James? Stop it, slime.

Ohhh, now he called you all kinds of “b!tch”. Girl, f**k you. Get that Rosewood s#!t outta here. Lyin’ a$$.

For his part, LeBron also took to social media to give his perspective of the events that transpired…

Suffice to say, Courtside Karen and Courtside Kody couldn’t have picked a better day, the first day of Black History Month, to get their dumb a$$es roasted on Twitter.

LeBron spoke to the media to further explain the brouhaha after the game.


The NBA, it’s FAN-tastic!

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