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City Girls Face Backlash After Packed Club Performance In Florida

City Girls are facing backlash after packing out a Florida club for a live performance while the pandemic is still raging on.

The City Girls are under fire for performing in a packed club while the COVID-19 pandemic is still roaring.

City Girls JT Young Miami

Source: (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage) / (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

We are quickly approaching the one year mark since the COVID-19 pandemic officially shut down the United States. A year later, and the virus is raging out of control and on an undefeated streak. Of course, vaccines have finally made their way to Americans–but right now, they are limited to front-line workers and the elderly. While the vaccines are on the way to a larger audience, many people have recklessly been going on like nothing is happening in the world.

If you have social media, you’ve seen people shaming others for attending parties and going to clubs over the course of the past year. They have a right to criticize these people, because as the party-goers may not be heavily impacted by COVID-19, they could still infect someone else who doesn’t make it out of their battle alive. This past weekend’s social media users were livid to see the City Girls performing at a packed club in Florida.

To be fair, the club would probably be packed and operating either way–but the City Girls in their home state added to the crowd, for sure. The duo ended up in the crossfire from those upset they went and then the people who attended were still upset because they only stayed for a few minutes. As always, you should continue following social distancing guidelines and keeping each other safe. Even if the urge to hear JT’s verse on “Said Sum” comes over you.

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