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Poor Thang: #RHOSLC’s Mary Cosby Denies ‘Cruel’ Cult & Tithe Stealing Allegations

Real Housewife of Salt Lake City Mary Cosby is issuing a response to allegations about herself and her church.


A Real Housewife of Salt Lake City is issuing a response to allegations about herself and her church.

Mary Cosby

Source: Chad Kirkland / Bravo

Mary Cosby whose been in headlines the entire season of #RHOSLC for her marriage to her stepgrandfather, is finally responding to rumors about her church. The Pastor of Faith Temple Pentecostal has been accused of running a cult. Numerous Reddit threads alleged that the church-leader brainwashed parishioners into thinking “she was God” and lived off their tithes and offerings.

In December as reported by MadameNoire alleged audio leaked of Mary shaming believers for “being poor” and not giving her enough birthday cards.

“Coming in here draining me,” says a voice on tape. “I ain’t preaching over y’all’s sin. I’m doing everything else. Y’all ain’t helping. Halfway pay your tithes. I got 14 birthday cards. Your old stingy selves. You old poor people. I don’t want poor people around me. Your poor self. And if you ain’t poor, you’re stingy so you’re still poor. God said you was poor. Said you’re reaping…what’s that scripture, Norman?”

According to Mary, however, the allegations are flat-out untrue.


“Clearly I’m not gonna get on national television, be a Housewife and be in a cult,” scoffed Mary to ET Online. “Like, come on. I believe in my church.”

“They’ve been saying that since my grandmother started at the church,” she says of the cult allegation. “There’s no cult. … My church members, they know those are false allegations. Those are ridiculous. It’s the people that are looking for fault.”

As for the alleged audio, Mary says she “never takes funds from the church for personal use” and allegations that she does otherwise are “cruel.” She also added that the allegations could be racial.

“That’s so cruel,” she says of the idea she would steal from the temple. “I feel like it’s so judgmental, because I am African American and a woman and I do have an eye for finer things in life. I have intelligent church members and they know that was all to God,” she adds. “I’m so not in it for the money. Oh my goodness, I believe in what I do, I believe in what I’m saying, and I love my church and I love what they are. … Money can’t fulfill that, not for me.”

Oh, Mary.

That’s lots more to unpack here like Mary telling ET Online that her housekeeper/ cousin Charlinda who she employed for two-decades but “doesn’t really know” quit because she got “jealous” and Mary being unsure if she’d sign up for another season of #RHOSLC.

Check out Mary Cosby speaking on #RHOSLC below.

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