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Chad Wheeler Issues Weak Apology After Arrest & Being Released By The Seattle Seahawks

Chad Wheeler takes to social media to try and explain his actions after his arrest and being cut from the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks.

Chad Wheeler addresses his domestic violence arrest and blames mental health for nearing killing his girlfriend, and no one is buying it.

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Earlier this week, when Chad Wheeler was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence, the details were scarce–but as the details continue to come out, the picture painted was more horrific than expected. Chad brutally beat his girlfriend to the point that he thought she was dead and was allegedly surprised by the fact that she was still alive. All this stemmed from her reportedly refusing to bow down to him and when police arrived, the commotion was still going on. Since the arrest, Chad has been cut from the Seattle Seahawks, who issued a statement about their decision.

The Seahawks have washed their hands of being associated with Chad, but justice is far from being served. Chad himself decided to log on to Twitter to explain himself and offer a half-assed apology to his girlfriend and her family. During his apology, he blamed his actions on a manic episode, but the wild part is when the police were there, his manic episode seemed to be in check and not a problem. From the details, there was never a moment of him caring about his actions at any point until he fired off his string of tweets. You can read his tweets below.

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