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Seahawks’ Chad Wheeler Arrested For Domestic Violence Stemming From Girlfriend Not Bowing Down To Him

Seahawks Chad WHeel arrested for domestic violence after a violent altercation over his girlfriend refusing to bow to him that left her bleeding with a dislocated arm.

Chad Wheeler was arrested for domestic violence after police showed up at his home during a domestic dispute.

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Last week, the Seattle Seahawks made headlines when a member of their staff was arrested on child pornography charges after being caught in a sting operation with thousands of images. Right after that situation ended with him in a jail cell where he belongs, the Seahawks already have another situation attached to their name.

A member of the OL, Chad Wheeler, was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. According to TMZ, police actually arrived to witness the aftermath of the incident.

Cops in the report say they were told the altercation began after the woman refused to bow to the NFL player. Cops say that’s when Wheeler allegedly grabbed the woman, threw her on the bed, and choked her until she was unconscious.

According to the report, when the woman regained consciousness, Wheeler said, “Wow you’re alive?”

Cops say that’s when the woman locked herself into the bathroom to call for help.

In the police report, it was noted that Wheeler wasn’t cooperating with police, which ultimately lead to his arrest. Words cannot paint the picture of the damage he has done, so friends of his friend uploaded images of her injuries to social media–which will leave you speechless.

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