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Murder Charges Filed On White Boston Man For Running Over Henry Tapia While Spewing Anti-Black Racist Slurs

Charges filed against racist Boston man who fatally ran over Henry Tapia with truck

We already know what type of time Boston is on but damn…

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Hate crimes are still en vogue just in case you were wondering. According to NBCBoston, a man named Dean Kapsalis, 54, ran over and killed Henry Tapia with his truck while shouting racist slurs at him. Just to be clear, Kapsalis is a white man and Tapia is Black. Fortunately, Kapsalis was charged with murder this morning and we can only pray that he gets the harshest sentence allowed by law. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan says that Kapsalis, “intentionally acted to strike the victim with his vehicle following a verbal exchange including those racial slurs that were meant to intimidate and to threaten”.

The report states that both men got out of their cars in traffic and began to argue. Kapsalis spewed epithets at Tapia and then rammed him with his Dodge Dakota truck. The Belmont police found Tapia with life-threatening injuries that he eventually succumbed to at the hospital a short time later. The early stages of the investigation suggest that Tapia was dragged “a short distance” before becoming unlodged from Kapsalis’ truck.

Going back to 1984, the Registry of Motor Vehicles has recorded 7 car crashes, 18 speeding tickets, and 10, count them, 10 license suspensions.

How the F**K does this fool even have a drivers license still?!?

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