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MAGA Mom Kellyanne Conway Accused Of Leaking Daughter Claudia’s Topless Photos On Twitter

Kellyanne Conway allegedly posted daughter's topless photo on Twitter fleet

The epitome of a bad mother.

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We knew this ho wasn’t s#!t but this is downright despicable. Late last night, Kellyanne Conway and her daughter Claudia were trending near the top of the Twitter charts. Upon checking the reason for the trend, we were shocked, to say the least. Numerous Twitter users were reporting that Kellyanne had posted photos of a topless Claudia on her fleets (Twitter’s version of Instagram stories) from her official account @KellyannePolls.

We can’t even imagine how Claudia was feeling in that moment but she took to Tik Tok to post a message in Morse Code asking for help.


Other Twitter users are not only reporting Kellyanne, but also posting information for other users to report her.

According to Variety, Twitter is investigating the incident but they don’t have any further comment at this time. Kellyanne will likely use the “I was hacked” excuse but unless she has some type of receipts, we don’t believe her, she needs more people.

Claudia confirmed that the photo was indeed her and said this via Tik Tok:

“I’m assuming my mom took a picture of it to use against me one day and then somebody hacked her or something,” she said. “I’m literally at a loss for words. If you see it, report it.”

Saving your daughter’s nudes for future revenge porn is sick. If it turns out that Kellyanne did this on purpose, then she absolutely has to go to prison and Claudia needs to be emancipated from her custody ASAP.

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