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Funniest (And Pettiest) Tweets From Netflix’s “Cut Throat City” Premiere

The absolute funniest (and pettiest) tweets/memes from "Cut Throat City" (starring Shameik Moore, Kat Graham, Demetrius Shipp Jr. and T.I.) that premiered on Netflix

Have you watched yet?

After months in theaters amid the pandemic, gritty New Orleans Crime Drama “Cut Throat City” (starring Demetrius Shipp Jr., Shameik Moore, Terrence Howard, Wesley Snipes, T.I. and many more) made its debut on Netlfix to a sea of mixed reviews across social media.

Originally slated to make its world premiere at SXSW 2020, the feature was one of the first films to open theatrically in 2020 as theaters reopened nationwide.

Cut Throat City assets

Source: WellGoUSA

Directed by RZA and written by P.G. Cuschieri, “Cut Throat City” is the story of four boyhood friends in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward who return after Hurricane Katrina to find their homes decimated without jobs or help from FEMA.

Out of options, they reluctantly turn to a local gangster who offers them one shot at turning their situations around: A dangerous heist in the heart of the city.

When the job goes bad, the friends find themselves on the run, hunted by two relentless detectives and a neighborhood warlord who thinks they stole the heist money.

At first glance, this had all the makings of an instant classic with a star-studded cast lead by T.I. who plays a ruthless gangster with vitiligo–yep, that’s why his face looks like…that in one of the strangest decisions in hood movie history.

Cut Throat City assets

Source: WellGoUSA

Whyyy they chose this path instead of just hiring an actor with vitiligo, we may never know, but it overshadowed much of the film that trended the entire weekend on Netflix.

“What happens in the Black community when men are dreaming of getting out, whether they’re using their music, their artistic expression, or academics, and yet, based on the system and based on natural disasters, those dreams and those aspirations turn into desperation? Well this takes place in “Cut Throat City,” said legendary producer-turned-famed director RZA.

“I’m proud to see this film come to fruition and to tell a story about Black men living in a poor community trying to figure it out.”

How did you feel about “Cut Throat City?” Did you get the ending? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets from “Cut Throat City” on Netflix on the flip.

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