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Boris Kodjoe Reveals He Was Bullied As A Black Kid Growing Up In Germany [VIDEO]

During his interview on "The Carlos Watson Show" Boris Kodjoe reveals he faced a lot of racism growing up in Germany.

Did y’all know Boris Kodjoe overcame a ton of bullying as part of his childhood in Germany?

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Actor Boris Kodjoe is a guest on “The Carlos Watson Show” this week and during his interview he opens up about being bullied as a Black kid in Germany. “We were bullied every day, called names every day,” Boris tells Carlos during the interview. He also spoke about his struggles to adapt to African American culture and how his experiences impacted his parenting.

Check out a clip from the interview below:

Man Boris has really been through it.

We thought everyone knew Boris was from Germany! We don’t think we’ve ever heard him talk about being bullied before though. Were you surprised to hear that he struggled with fitting into African-American culture though? We remember seeing Boris as a young model back in the day and had no idea the difficulties he was having. Can you relate? We all have our trials right?

Fortunately Boris overcame all his trials to become a successful actor, husband and father. His kids have probably benefitted so much from his experiences and his language skills and knowledge of different cultures.

How have your childhood experiences and life challenges helped shape your path?

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