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Trump Supporter Goes Viral For Being The Only Person At New York Anti-Biden Protest

New York resident Mark Leggiero goes viral after going to the state capitol for the 'Anti-Biden' protest on inauguration day and is the only person who showed up.

One lone Trump supporter goes viral during Joe Biden’s Inauguration as he is the only person to show up for a protest at the New York State Capitol.

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Source: J.R. Davis / Radio One D.C.

Yesterday marked a change of power in the United States with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris taking the White House as President and Vice President. The inauguration had several great moments such as Kamala’s nephew-in-law wearing his Dior Air Jordan 1’s, Michelle Obama’s show-stopping outfit, and Bernie Sanders dressed like he was going to the post office. In other parts of New York, another viral moment was had, but not in the positive fashion as the others. According to Complex, only one man showed up to the ‘Anti-Biden’ protest at the state capitol, making him instantly go viral.

On the day of Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, New York resident Mark Leggiero made headlines for being the sole anti-Biden protestor at the state’s capitol building. Spectrum News’ Morgan Mckay reported Leggiero had drove 45 minutes to Albany with the intention of joining a peaceful protest with “a few thousand” other Trump supporters. Needless to say, he was left disappointed.

“I was coming out to hopefully join a bunch of peaceful protesters in support of the cause, that’s is almost a lost cause now, unfortunately, I’m sad for me to say that,” Leggiero told the Daily Gazette. “

If there was ever a visual representation of going out sad, he is high on the list. With Republicans pushing the false narrative the election was stolen and their supporters believing the lie, it’s easy to see how these things happen. At least no one was hurt and he made it home safely.

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