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Lil Wayne Publicly Thanks Donald Trump For His Presidential Pardon

Lil Wayne publicly addresses his presidential pardon on gun charges he received last year. Taking to Twitter to thank Trump and his personal lawyer.

After receiving a Presidential pardon in the 4th quarter of the former administration, Lil Wayne takes to social media to thank Donald Trump.

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Before Trump left office, he released a list of over 100 Presidential pardons in the middle of the night. Many of the pardons were expected, but still came as a shock to a lot of folks.

In the heat of the campaign trail and almost out of nowhere, Lil Wayne posted a picture backing Donald Trump. Wayne is someone who rarely pays any attention to anything that isn’t his own personal business and never mentions politics, causing confusion for everyone who’s a fan of Wayne and even some supporters of Trump. Aligning with Trump reportedly even caused a rift with his girlfriend, Denise Bidot, which become an entire fiasco in itself.

Fans were quick to point out the fact that Wayne recently caught a gun charge on his private plane and with a previous gun charge, he was looking at some serious federal time. In the end, Lil Wayne kept his freedom thanks to a pardon from Trump on his last day in office. Wayne officially spoke on the matter this morning on Twitter, thanking him for his help and also thanking his lawyer. Wayne’s lawyer Bradford Cohen also represents Kodak Black, who was pardoned as well.

You can read Wayne and Bradford’s full statements below.

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