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Free From Foolery: Dr. Anthony Fauci Talks About Feeling “Liberated” To Make Science-Based Comments Now That Trump Is Gone [Video]

Dr. Anthony Fauci says he feels liberated to speak freely and truthfully now that Trump is gone

Thank God almighty, he’s free at last!


Source: MANDEL NGAN / Getty

For the past year, while America and the rest of the world suffered with the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci wasn’t able to speak freely about scientific facts regarding research, treatment, and potential cures. This is because Dr. Fauci was regularly haunted by the specter of Donald Trump’s disdain for the truth that would paint him as incompetent. It was obvious to all that Trump was afraid that his inability to prevent the spread of coronavirus would cause him to lose the 2020 election. In part, he was right. Rational people did see that Trump was completely over his head and could only resort to lies when questioned about his strategy.

Today, Dr. Fauci was able to speak freely, perhaps for the first time, about the science behind COVID and what needs to be done going forward. During a White House press briefing, Fauci was asked directly about the pressure he was under and he keep it 100 about the consequences he faced for telling the truth. Pretty scary stuff considering that 400,000 Americans are dead…

We’re happy that Trump is gone but even happier that Fauci is free. We ALL want to get back to “regular life” but that’s just not possible if we don’t have leadership with the exact same goal.

Welcome back, doctor.

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