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Kamala Harris Nephew-In-Law Pulls Out Dior Jordan 1’s For The Inauguration

Kamala Harris Nephew-In-Law Nikolas Ajagu -- the husband of Harris' niece, Meenapulls pulls out Dior Jordan 1's for the inauguration. The shoes go for an average of $7,500 on resell site Stock-X.

Kamala Harris’ Nephew-In-Law Nikolas Ajagu rocks his Dior Jordan 1’s to the inauguration, gaining attention all across social media.

Kamala Harris Nephew-In-Law Nikolas Ajagu

Source: (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) / (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Today was the day we all have dreamed of for the past four years. A new administration is taking over the White House in the form of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Everyone went all out for the festive occasion: Michelle Obama stole the show in her outfit that has social media on fire; Jill Biden came ready to turn heads, as usual, along with Kamala. Outside of the ladies, one person had everyone talking with a pair of $7,500 Dior Jordan 1’s.

According to TMZ, it was a member of the Harris family stunting on Capitol Hill.

“Swag has reached the nation’s capital — with Vice President Kamala Harris’ nephew-in-law rocking the insanely expensive and rare Dior Air Jordan 1s to the inauguration!

As it turns out, it was the veep’s nephew-in-law, Nikolas Ajagu — the husband of Harris’ niece, Meena — who decided to make a big statement with his kicks.”

Now that Nikolas has set the tone for the next four years, everyone will be looking forward to seeing what his next sneaker choice will be. Hopefully, the pressure doesn’t get to him as sneakerheads are watching.

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