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Better Days: Delonte West Is Now Gainfully Employed At The Rehabilitation Center Where He Cleaned Up His Life

Delonte West got a job at theFlorida rehab center where he reclaimed his life

Ya love to see it.

Delonte West a current d league basketball player with the Texas Legends

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Listen, for years now, we and many other media outlets have had the unfortunate job of reporting on the troubles that Delonte West has been suffering. Not for the sake of ridicule, but in hopes that someone, anyone, would reach out to him and help lift him from his unhoused station in life.

A few weeks ago, a new video of Delonte wandering the streets surfaced online and enough was enough, and Delonte’s former boss, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, did what needed to be done. He picked up Delonte from a gas station, got him a place to stay, and likely had some difficult conversations about life.

Today, we are more than happy to report that according to ESPN, Delonte is now a gainfully-employed, tax-paying, clock-punching citizen again as he has been hired by Rebound therapy center in Florida. Now, of course, we’d much rather him be anywhere in the world but Florida but this is very good news and we’re not about to pee in the lemonade.

In addition to getting Delonte clean, Cuban was able to help him reconnect with his estranged mother.

Here’s to hoping that Delonte stays on this side of health for all the rest of his days.

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