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Arkansas Woman Claims Taco Bell Fired Her Over Lusty Pornstar Past

Arkansas woman alleges Taco Bell fired her after a coworker alerted them to pornstar past.

An Arkansas Taco Bell employee claims she was fired due to her past career in the porn industry.

Taco Bell Franchise Location

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In the past year, many Americans have had unexpected career changes due to COVID-19. Some Americans are still struggling to find replacement employment almost a year later. Many have turned to fast food to just have some income to take care of their families, leaving them with the tough task of adjusting to the higher income they are used to.

This is the case for an Arkansas woman named Lonna Wells, who took up a job at Taco Bell after leaving her job in the porn industry to stay safe from COVID-19. According to TMZ, Wells claims she was fired from Taco Bell for her past career, thanks to a fellow coworker.

She told the Daily Beast she was about to clock into work when her manager called to drop the hammer. Wells is pissed because she says she told the hiring manager about her sex work during the interview and even asked if it was going to be a problem.
Taco Bell, however, claims Wells was not fired for her porn past. Instead, the company says, “This former team member worked for a franchise location and the franchisee has informed us that the accusations made are not accurate and that she was instead terminated for violation of their policies and procedures.”

Even with Taco Bell claiming she was not fired for that reason, it’s unlikely she did anything during training that would have caused a termination instead of correction or warning. Wells’ former career as a porn star earned her two AVN Award nominations and looks on Pornhub ,so it’s likely her former career would be known eventually.

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