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Kansas City Woman Tracks Brother’s Murderer, Kills Him, Gets Caught After Sending Text To Dead Brother

Kansas City woman murders brother's murderer then sends her dead brother a text message to let him know

Somebody is gonna make a movie out of this one day…

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You wanna see a dead body? 21-year-old Tityana Coppage did and she was successful in that endeavor.

According to AZFamily, Tityana had been grieving the murder of her teenage brother, 16-year-old Jason Ugwuh, last week but instead of prayer, therapy, or working through the stages of grief she was more inclined to seek revenge. So she sought the man responsible for the spilled blood and got some get back. Peep how crazy this s**t is.

Tityana told police she called the man who killed her brother hoping to make some sort of peace between him and her father before they killed one another. She did her best to frame what happened next as an act of self-defense but one totally unnecessary detail got her caught…

After finding her brother’s murderer she shot him once in the chest and once in the leg. He did on the scene before paramedics could get to him. Then, police used security camera footage to find Tityana and ask her some questions. A search of her cell phone revealed two texts, one sent to “Auntie” asking for bullets to a .45 caliber handgun and another sent to her dead brother to let him know that she had killed his killer.

“Sent a [expletive] to my brother I owe em that body,” according to the affidavit.

Sis, young lady, that is NOT it. Not at all.

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