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Here’s Who We Would Love To See Perform At The Biden / Harris Inauguration

With the upcoming Joe Bidden / Kamala Harris inauguration we take a look at the top artist we would see perform at the cermony.

Here is our list of performers we would love to see at the Joe Biden / Kamala Harris Inauguration.



Next week, part of America’s nightmare of the past four years will be over. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in to be the next administration to run the country, restoring order and finally ending the clown show of the previous administration.

For the inauguration, Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem while Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Tom Hanks, and others will also partake in the festivities. Of course, we have our own idea of who we would like to see perform on the big day, even if we know it won’t happen. So, why not breakdown who we would pick for the big day?

5. Lil Nas X

Let’s face it, the last time a majority of the world was happy was when “Old Town Road” was going viral. Why not give people a little taste of what last brought them together?

4. Beyoncé

Thanks to COVID-19, we haven’t seen Beyoncé perform for what feels like forever. We need to hear all the Black Is King tracks live expeditiously…and what better occasion? Plus, Kamala has admitted Beyoncé dominates her personal playlists.

3. Salt-N-Pepper

Kamala has also said “Push It” is one of her favorite songs of all time, hands down. It’s only right this appeared on the list since our soon-to-be Vice President loves it so much.

2. Kendrick Lamar

With Kamala being from the West Coast, we had to have one artist from California–plus, Obama’s administration made sure to crown Kendrick the best rapper while in the office, so it’s only right, since Joe was part of that.

1. Cardi B

Cardi B has been vocal about politics for Donald Trump’s entire term–She even talked to some of the potential Democratic nominees and interviewed them in the best interest of unbiased US citizens. Why not let her perform “WAP” for America?

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