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Charles Barkley Believes Pro Athletes Should Get COVID-19 Vaccine Access Before Others Because “Taxes”

Charles Barkley says athletes should get the COVID-19 vaccine first because they pay more in taxes than other people

If he don’t get the f**k…


Source: TOM MIHALEK / Getty

Go ahead and add this to the perpetually growing list of dumb things that Charles Barkley has said. At the rate he’s going, we’re almost positive that his last words on this earth will be something profoundly stupid.

Last night, on TNT’s Emmy-winning program Inside The NBA, the round mound of rebound fixed his jowls to say that pro athletes, basketball, baseball, football, and hockey players, should all be allowed to jump the line and get the COVID-19 vaccine before “regular” folks because of “how much they pay in taxes”. Taxes. We talkin’ about taxes. Not an age. Not an age. Not an age. Not an age that leaves millions of American’s more vulnerable to DEATH because they are older with underlying conditions. We talkin’ about…taxes? Money should determine who can live and who can die? GTFOHWTBS.

Look at this embarrassing headassery:

Drunk would be a much more valid excuse for Chuck’s moronic mindset. We don’t wanna hear anything out his mouth but we DEFINITELY don’t want to hear him talk about fairness or “the less fortunate” when he has publicly admitted that people who make more money should get special medical treatment in the middle of a pandemic.

STFU, Charles.

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