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#BOSSIPSounds: Asiahn Touches The Sky With Dreamy EP “The Interlude”

Asiahn releases sonically stunning new EP "The Interlude"--her debut on Since The 80s/Motown Records

We stan!

Asiahn The Interlude EP assets

Source: Since The 80s/Motown

Boundary-elevating R&B singer/songwriter Asiahn returns with her dreamy new EP “The Interlude” that will have you ready to send risky texts while ascending into the clouds.

The highly anticipated release (that marks her debut on Since The 80s & Motown) centers itself on the period of self-discovery and growth that comes after one relationship’s end and before another’s beginning.

For the South Carolina-raised, Los Angeles-based artist, this 5-song set was a conscious effort to broaden her horizons.

“It’s important that as an artist I not only sing about love,” Asiahn says. “There’s more to life than just being in a relationship and falling in and out of love with others, we also have to fall in love with ourselves and discover what we like and don’t like, explore our sexuality, get drunk and have fun! We have to live!”

True to her word, “The Interlude” finds Asiahn delving into new sounds, styles, and subject matters. The EP’s first single “Gucci Frames” is a slow-mo collection of subtle flexes and empowered bars about taking ownership of your life when someone else expects you to feel broken.

“Get Away” is an escapist dream of a better world in the arms of a lover, with a warm orchestral instrumental by Dreek Beatz.

Elsewhere, she embraces more carnal pleasures on the smoky “Drunk” and the lusty “Messed Up,” enjoying the freedom that uncoupled life can offer.

Asiahn The Interlude EP assets

Source: Nikko Lamere

Even though it’s only five songs, “The Interlude” is a vast release demonstrating the wide-ranging emotions you can experience when you take time to focus on yourself.

“The Interlude” celebrates a new phase for Asiahn, a period of blossoming and fresh growth. It’s an exciting release, both because of its stellar songs and because it reaffirms that she’s always going to have a hunger for exploration.

Stream “The Interlude” here and follow her on Instagram here.

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