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McDonald’s Has Called Off Their Merchandise Collaboration with J Balvin

The collaborative merchandise between McDonald's and J Balvin has officially been called off. 

The collaborative merchandise between McDonald’s and J Balvin has officially been called off.

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The collection was originally meant to serve as an extension of Balvin’s relationship with the fast food brand, which started when the company unveiled his own custom meal. Unfortunately, the next phase has reportedly been canceled due to a production-related issue. The collection was first announced back in October and was originally set to include bucket hats, lawn chairs, burger-shaped slippers, tablecloths, glasses, and more.

According to reports from Business Insider, it was reported that customers had received an email from management company Vibras Lab, in which it was announced that the orders had been canceled due to an “issue with our supplies” that resulted in the team’s “expectations with the products” not being met.  A rep for Balvin confirmed to Business Insider that the issue resulted from “production challenges.”

But, this isn’t all bad for fans of the reggaeton star–in addition to being refunded for their purchases of the merch pieces, customers will also be sent a beanie and “a note from J Balvin.” Free stuff!

J Balvin’s McDonald’s meal and working relationship with the fast food brand follows another successful run from Travis Scott, who also released a bunch of merch following the announcement of his own meal.

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