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Kimmy From The Block: Kim K Gets Klowned Over Kuestionable Urban Outfit

Twitter clowns Kim Kardashian's latest urban outfit that stirred up more cultural appropriation accusations

Oh, Kimmy…

Here we go AGAIN, for the zillionth time, wondering if Kim Kardashian is TROLLING or genuinely believes she’s a Black woman after she posted her latest ‘urban outfit’ on Twitter/Instagram that immediately stirred up all sorts of messy shenanigans across social media.

Whyyyy she keeps doing this (and forgetting to melanate her hands), we may never know, but she managed to trend amidst loud divorce rumors that continue to dominate headlines.

According to a source close to Kim, things could “get ugly” if she ends up battling Kanye for custody.

“Neither of them want to seem like the loser in this divorce and they both will fight hard for their kids.

“Kim has made it clear she wants full custody so if Kanye tries to fight her on that, the custody battle will be brutal,” the informant revealed.

Kim and Kanye’s kids, daughters North 7 and Chicago 2, and sons Saint 5, and Psalm 1, are currently living primarily in Los Angeles with their mom, while Kanye has spent more time at his ranch in Wyoming.

The source for the Sun also say both Kim and Kris Jenner are “terrified” about how unpredictable Kanye may be as the split progresses.

“Kris cannot fully control this situation like she typically can with public scandals and she knows that.

“And Kim cannot fully rely on her mom to make it go away because there’s no way to know exactly what Kanye will do.”

“He knows so much about the family, things they would never want exposed. They are nervous what he will do with this information.”

With a potential divorce looming and KUWTK ending, we’re sure Kimmy is stressed but that didn’t stop Twitter from Twittering for hours.

Do you have an issue with Kim’s latest urban outfit? Tell us down below and peep the messiest reactions to her kuestionable look on the flip.

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