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New York’s 150-Foot Vessel Sculpture at Hudson Yards Closes After String Of Suicides

New York's premier tourist destination Hudson Yard's closes its vessel after a string of suicides.

Hudson Yards closes its Vessel Sculpture after a string of suicides are committed at the tourist attraction.

Hudson Yards Vessel

Source: (Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images) / (Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

When tourists head to New York, there are several things almost all of them have on their list to do. Everyone is always down to get a slice of pizza from places they’ve stalked prior to the trip; During Christmas, visiting Rockefeller Center is a must-see; One of the most recent addition is visiting the Vessel at Hudson Yards.

But, according to the NewYorkTimes, that will be a thing of the past as the Vessel is now closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Vessel, the spiraling staircase at Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s Far West Side, was closed to visitors on Tuesday, a day after a 21-year-old man jumped to his death in the third suicide in less than a year.

It was unclear when the 150-foot structure, the vast development’s centerpiece, would reopen to the public. A spokesman for Related Companies, the developer of Hudson Yards, said that the structure was “temporarily closed” and that the firm was consulting with suicide-prevention experts, including psychiatrists, about how to limit the potential for more suicides.

Hopefully, the problem can find a solution that’s safe for everyone, as many people have been trying to get their photos on the Vessel and the pandemic has sidelined this goal.

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