ELLE Cover Queen Jodie Turner-Smith Talks Tudor Temptress Anne Boleyn And Says Women Are Supremely Powerful Beings

ELLE cover star Jodie Turner-Smith talks about acting in an action film while pregnant, playing Anne Boleyn, and why she believes ‘Queen and Slim’ is a classic that will be viewed as such ten years from now.

It’s no secret we’ve been stanning for Jodie Turner-Smith since the first time we laid eyes on her in early materials for ‘Queen & Slim.’

Jodie Turner-Smith ELLE Magazine January 2021 images

Source: RUTH OSSAI / Elle Magazine

The stunning Black British beauty graces the cover of the January 2021 digital issue of ELLE Magazine and in the accompanying cover story, she defends her debut film as a story that will live on in our culture’s collective memory.

“I really think that we made a classic, and [that] 10 years from now, it will be viewed that way as well,” she told ELLE of the film. “Black artists are not only the engine, but also the car. We are in the driver’s seat, telling our own stories.”

Turner-Smith, who appears in the ELLE issue modeling pieces from the hotly-anticipated The North Face x Gucci collaboration, welcomed a baby girl with her husband, actor Joshua Jackson last year. She spoke openly to ELLE about how the experience has reshaped her view of feminine strength.

Jodie Turner-Smith ELLE Magazine January 2021 images

Source: RUTH OSSAI / Elle Magazine

“Patriarchal society really is out here, scamming women into thinking that they’re not supremely powerful beings,” she says, chuckling. “Because damn, it’s some goddess-level s**t.”

Speaking of that strength, Jodie also detailed what it was like filming the action movie ‘Without Remorse’ while still in her second trimester of pregnancy.

Hit the flip for more on that and other upcoming roles.

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