Janet Hubert Opens Up About Getting Her Reputation Back After “Fresh Prince” Reunion [Video]

Janet Hubert opens up about getting her reputation back after years of being blackballed in Hollywood after her time on the ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’.

Janet Hubert agreed to do interviews again following her appearance on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Reunion. She finally gets to say her piece on getting closure and regaining her reputation.

Janet Hubert

Source: Chris Cuffaio/NBCU Photo Bank / Chris Cuffaio/NBCU Photo Bank

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air reunion was something we waited ages for and it’s finally available for our viewing pleasure. While the reunion was heartwarming all around, the highlight for everyone was finally getting to see Will Smith and Janet Hubert somewhat patch things up.

For years, Janet was subjected by the media to be seen as a difficult person and had her reputation destroyed. After leaving the show, she didn’t have a platform big enough to speak up for herself  and when she was able to speak out, she was always made to seem bitter. During the reunion, she opened up to Will about her losing everything including her house, and even being disowned by her family for this fake narrative that Hollywood cast on her name. She didn’t hold back, asking Will the straight forward question of “Why?”

While Will did his best to answer, it wasn’t lost on anyone viewing that the gravity of what was happening was even catching Will a little off-guard. After 30 years of not speaking and some serious tension, it’s hard to resolve things in a 30 minute special. Will took it even further with his Red Table Talk Takeover, where he opened up about the feud and took more accountability.

Janet Hubert is finally doing her first interview and admits that not the reunion, but Will taking accountability is what changed her mind on interviews. Now, she’s opening up about how that helped her feel like she got her reputation back.

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