Wait, What? Chicago Man Digs Bare Hands Into Thanksgiving Leftovers Then Murders Host’s Boyfriend

Chicago man charged with murder after putting his hands in Thanksgiving dinner leftovers

It CAN’T be that serious…

Thanksgiving and Christmas Keto Dishes

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People love Thanksgiving. There’s amazing food, memories, cozy drinks, and time spent with family and friends celebrating life. It’s beautiful. Sadly, the other tradition of Thanksgiving that is often swept under the rug is the spilled blood of innocent people. According to the Chicago-Tribune, that tradition was kept alive after a houseguest became unruly.

Reports say that James Dixon got drunk at an advised-against Thanksgiving gathering and began to dig his bare hands into the leftover food. An argument ensued with the host’s 52-year-old boyfriend Vincell Jackson and witnesses say Dixon sucker-punched Jackson and the fight continued outside. It’s there that the other houseguests say they saw Dixon running away and Jackson laying on the ground covered in blood with nine stab wounds to his head, face and left arm.

Several hours later, Dixon was arrested with multiple knives, one of which was covered in blood. He also had a knife wound that police say is consistent with a struggle. Before leaving the courtroom, Dixon asked the judge how much time his potential conviction carries:

“First-degree murder from 20 to 60 years, sir,” Ortiz said, adding that was a topic for his attorneys in coming days.

We imagine his soul left his body at that moment.

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