For Your Viewing Pleasure: Jaden Smith Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex [Video]

Jaden Smith joins Complex’s Joe La Puma for the latest episode of ‘Sneaker Shopping’ where they discuss Jaden’s shoe conversations with his dad Will Smith, Zendaya wearing his shoes on her Elle cover and they give away sneakers to the homeless on Skid Row.

Jaden Smith at 92Q

Source: Arturo Holmes (@Artugraphiq) / Arturo Holmes (@Artugraphiq)

Complex’s show Sneaker Shopping has a few guests that fans beg for every time a new episode is released. Among those guests is Jaden Smith. Jaden is a very unique character and his style is one of one. It makes perfect sense why people would want to see him on Sneaker Shopping. Jaden finally linked up with Complex and the fan’s dreams came true. Jaden even opened up about discussing sneakers with his pops Will Smith who was a part of OG sneaker culture.

Omarr Rambert who works very closely with me on my music, he’s mentoring me through all my musical albums. He’s been my dad’s best friend from Philly for a long time. When my dad was on Fresh Prince, Omar was helping to dress my dad. Omar was the one giving my dad these Jordans and different clothes. He was like, “Yo this is the wave. Let’s take this back from Philly and I’m gonna dress you in this.” He was there with me in Boston working on the 990. We have family conversations about sneakers all the time.

Jaden also talks about Zendaya rocking his sneakers for her Elle cover, his activism efforts, and his efforts to make the world a better place. Instead of buying new sneakers for himself like the show usually, does he blessed Skid Row with new kicks. Jaden is a rare breed and hopefully, he starts getting his flowers sooner than later.

In other Jaden Smith news, earlier this year, Jaden released his third studio album “CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3” and today you can catch the 22-year-old putting his acting skills to the test for his role in Life In A Year. Smith takes on the role of the emotionally troubled “Daryn” who tries to support his terminally ill girlfriend, played by Cara Delevingne.

Sounds like a sad plot but it’s probably a really good movie!

It’s out now on Amazon Prime Video.

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