Young Thug Opens Up About Paying Lil Baby To Rap Instead Of Hustle [Video]

Young Thug finally opens up about the infamous story of him pushing Lil Baby to rap instead of hustle on the streets because he believed in him. He explains how he ended up having to pay Lil Baby what he would have made on the street for him to goto the studio and record.

Jerrika Karlae and Young Thug Party At Elleven 45

Source: Prince Williams/ / Prince Williams

Young Thug rarely does interviews, till this day you can probably only find a handful if you search the entire internet. Main reason for this is he doesn’t have to but also people love ot twist his words around when he does decide to do them. Recently he appeared on TI’s Expeditiously podcast which we can’t count as an interview with the history between Thug and TI. The pair knew each other way before Thug started rapping so this more of a conversation than a media personality interviewing a rapper. In the interview Thug finally responds to the rumors and stories that if it wasn’t for him Lil Baby would have never started rapping. Baby was the first to drop bits of the story on The Breakfast Club telling the story of how Young Thug would pay him whatever he would make in the streets to stay in the studio and record. Thug opened up with TIP about whwen he knew Lil Baby could really do music if he applied himself.

“Lil Baby went on record in saying that you used to pay him just to focus on rap,” T.I. asked Thug. “That n*a didn’t know who he was,” Thug responded.
“I used to read that young n*a’s captions on his pictures and call him like, ‘bruh, you know you can rap.’ He in jail like, ‘bruh, I’mma goddam get out, I’mma goddam get me some money, get me a bag and do what I need to do.’”

If it’s one thing Thug is going to do thats look out for his people and put them in position. We could all use a best friend like Young Thug.

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