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Lil Yachty Remixes ‘Saved By The Bell’ Theme Song For New Peacock Reboot [Video]

Lil Yachty remixes the iconic 'Saved By The Bell' theme song for the Peacock reboot of the franchise.
Lil Yachty at Rolling Loud Miami

Source: Lourdes Sukari / Lourdes Sukari

Peacock is gearing up to finally release their long awaited Saved By The Bell reboot. Details around the project have been kept secret for the longest but recently we got a full look into what to expect. The entire cast (minus Dustin Diamond) is set to return in full-time roles and also some limited roles. The show takes us back to Bayside High with Slayter and Jesse working at the school full-time. Zack Morris used to run the halls of Bayside High but now he is the governor of California and will pop in for some appearances here there. Lisa Turtle is doing the same as an accomplished designer. If you remember she always talked about being a designer/stylist throughout the entire original series and the dream came true. Governor and designer are nice ways to have those old cast members in the show but not in every epsiode which works out perfectly. The reboot will also feature a new class of fresh highschoolers to star in the show and they will also get a fresh new theme song’s courtesy of Lil Yachty. Yachty being the self-proclaimed king of the youth makes him perfect for the task. Especially with the original theme very outdated it was time for a remix for the special occasion. You can listen to his remix below.

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