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Gucci Mane Threatens To Quit Verzuz If Jeezy Doesn’t Get His Drip Together & Social Media Explodes

Gucci Mane clowns Young Jeezy's album cover and threatens to call of Verzuz battle he if he doesn't get his drip together. As expected social media explodes with all the funniest hot takes.
Gucci Mane Vs Young Yeezy

Source: Paras Griffin/Thaddaeus McAdam / Paras Griffin/Thaddaeus McAdam

Today is the day we finally get to see hell freeze over when Gucci Mane faces Jeezy in a Verzuz battle.

The bad blood has timeline as long as both of their careers, but somehow we managed to get to the point of being in the same room together. Gucci kicked off the passive-aggressive pressure in his caption announcing the battle and continues to keep it going. He posted a meme referencing him killing Jeezy’s friend he feels Jeezy sent to kill them and it keeps getting worse–at this point, Gucci is straight bullying Jeezy.

Yesterday, Gucci took a break from his workout to address Jeezy’s album cover that showed him dressed as a black Picasso. Gucci let it be known when the battle happens tonight he will be fly as hell and if Jeezy doesn’t match his energy, he wont be doing the battle. This sent social media into a frenzy with the hot takes. Here some of the funniest tweets from the aftermath of #DripGate.

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