Get Well: Benny The Butcher Shot In Leg During Attempted Robbery Outside Houston Walmart

Benny The Butcher shot in the leg at Houston Walmart during robbery attempt

How many more rappers are going to get shot?!

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Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

One of rap’s brightest new stars, Benny The Butcher, has become the latest name on the list of rappers who have suffered gunshot wounds over the past two weeks. According to TMZ, the Griselda MC was taken to a Houston hospital for treatment after 5 men attempted to rob him and his crew for their diamond chains.

The Houston Police Department reports that Benny and co. were in town at a local Walmart when they were accosted by 5 men wielding guns and demanding that the crew ante up their jewels on some M.O.P. s#!t. The BSF crew wasn’t exactly eager to relieve themselves of their baubles and one of the gunmen fired a shot into Benny’s leg. The men clearly didn’t intend on using their weapons because they immediately scattered without getting a single diamond.

Benny’s guys fled the scene as well but eventually pulled over to call police to have him transported to the hospital. Likely because they had no idea where the nearest hospital was located as they are not familiar with the area.

Later in the day, a video emerged of Benny, on crutches, boarding a private jet on his way out of town.

Prayers up for a full and speedy recovery. The Butcher still comin’!

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