Cops Kill People: Black Indianapolis Cop Who Gunned Down 21-Year-Old Dreasjon Reed Won’t Face Charges

Indianapolis cop who killed Dreasjon Reed will not face criminal charges

Another dead Black youth, another cop walking scot-free.



Back in May, BOSSIP reported that an Indianapolis police officer named Dejoure Mercer had fatally gunned down 21-Year-Old Dreasjon “Sean” Reed. The shooting occurred after officers had given up on a high-speed chase with Reed that Mercer refused to quit on. When Sean finally pulled his car over and got out, Mercer ran down on him and began a foot chase. Reports state that Mercer saw Sean reach toward his waistline and he tased the him to prevent a potential weapon from being deployed. There is some ambiguity as to what happened next but Mercer fired 13 shots and Sean was subsequently killed. Autopsy shows that he was hit in the shoulder, leg, head, and in the back of his neck.

Oh, and Sean was broadcasting the whole chase on Facebook live. The shooting was not seen, only heard. Here’s what Special District Attorney Rosemary Khory had to say about the verdict via CNN:

“This special grand jury returned a ‘No Bill.’ This term means there is insufficient evidence to indict or accuse Officer Dejoure Mercer of a crime,” said Special Prosecutor Rosemary Khoury during Tuesday’s news conference, appearing to hold back tears.
Khoury, a Black woman, said that there just wasn’t enough evidence to charge the Black officer with any crimes for killing Dreasjon.
“I’m a mother of two Black boys and I know I don’t know how Mr. Reed’s mother feels, but I’m a mother of two Black boys. I also am very empathetic to Officer Mercer. I know that that had to be a difficult position to be in, so, all the way around,” Khoury said. “Like I said, no one wins.”
Eh, when you kill someone under dubious circumstances you kind of “win” when you don’t have to go to prison behind it. Just sayin’.

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