City Girl JT Has Nip Slip On IG Live, Sends Twitter Into Tidday Tizzy

Twitter reacts to City Girl JT experiencing a nip slip on Instagram Live

Heyyyyy JT

The City Girls Labor Day Weekend Takeover

Source: Prince Williams/Wireimage

It’s been a stressful year for everyone but at least we’ve had some major celebrity nip slips to ease our anxiety with Cardi setting the tone for City Girl JT who immediately trended after a video of her nip slip on IG Live went viral.

JT–the spicier of the two City Girls–has played a key role in the duo’s ascension to stardom since her release from prison after serving time for credit fraud.

She recently made headlines for getting involved in Megan Thee Stallion‘s spat with ex-stylist EJ at Cardi’s birthday party in LA.

“Everybody was faded at Cardi’s party, I know when Megan is faded, I know how passionate and animated Megan is when she’s talking, he recalled. It did become a lot, JT may have thought it was something more too and JT ran over and came in between us.

I respect the City Girls, I have no issues with no females, I don’t want to have a war with no girls. Unfortunately, it got more animated than I wanted it to. […] JT came between us and she pushed me back.”

There was also that extremely petty incident where she blocked a fan who compared her to another beautiful woman–our fave Ari Lennox.

Whew, JT is somethin’ else and went viral on the same day that her and Yung Miami dropped their star-studded remix to “P***y Talk” featuring Quavo, Lil Wayne and Jack Harlow. Hmmm coincidence?

How many times have you watched the video (that we obviously can’t post)? Who’s badder–JT or Yung Miami? Tell us in the comments and peep the Twitter hysteria over JT’s nip slip on the flip.

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