Producer-Songwriter Jay Diggs Recorded A Whole New Jack Swing Bop Celebrating Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Historic Election Win

Producer Jay Diggs creates viral hit song about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris defeating Donald Trump

Get ready to cut a lil’ rug!


Source: JIM WATSON / Getty

Despite the Trump administration‘s best effort to derail not just the Biden-Harris transition but the entire 2020 election, the people of America are still celebrating a legitimate victory for the former Vice President.

Part of that celebration is memes, GIFs, dances, songs, and the like and today’s entry into the social media soirée is Jay Diggs New Jack Swing jam “Come On Man!”

Listen, when we tell you that you’ll burn calories to this jawn, we are dead ass serious. This is the first song we heard today and danced right out of bed.

Utilizing Joe Biden’s now-classic exasperation exclamation from the first Presidential debate against election-loser Donald Trump, Jay Diggs turned the President-elect into a dancefloor firestarter that would make Teddy Riley jealous. But first Teddy Riley would have to figure out how to work his Android phone but we digress.

You a damn lie if you go into the comment section talkin’ bout your shoulders didn’t shimmy at least one time. You are completely untrustworthy if you didn’t holler “ayeee!” at least one time over the course of 60 seconds. Go ‘head. Lie. We’ll wait.

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