DaBaby’s Older Brother Glenn Johnson Commits Suicide In North Carolina

Da Baby’s older brother dies by self-inflected gunshot wound In North Carolina.

DaBaby’s older brother, Glenn Johnson, committed suicide in North Carolina.


Source: Spicy Rico / Interscope

DaBaby has been riding the wave of his hard work over the past two years, but aside from professional success, he’s been open about the struggles in his personal life. As he rose to the top of the rap game, he lost his father in the mix of the best times of his life. The loss inspired the title of his album, “Kirk,” which features an old picture of him and his dad on the cover.

Now, according to TMZ, DaBaby has suffered the loss of another family member he’s been vocal about in his music.

TMZ’s learned the rapper’s older brother, Glenn Johnson, took his own life Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina. Glenn had posted a video of himself earlier in the day in a car with a gun, and he was visibly upset and crying.
In the video, DaBaby’s brother claimed he had been wronged a lot in the past. Not long afterward, our sources say he shot himself in the head and died.

DaBaby has rapped previously that he would give up all he has to see his brother in the past, making this loss all the more tragic.

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