The Breakfast Club: Chelsea Handler Details Conversation With 50 Cent Over His Trump Tweets [Video]

Chelsea Handler details the converstation she had with 50 cent over his claims he was voting for Trump due to Tax increases with the Breakfest Club.

Chelsea Handler

Source: Power 105.1/ The Breakfast Club / Power 105.1/ The Breakfast Club

Of all the people in the world, 50 Cent is one of the latest celebrities that semi-endorsed Trump–Which shocked many people, while some still thought (read: hoped) he was joking. The main reason many didn’t take him seriously was due to his approach to the endorsement, claiming it was because of Joe Biden’s proposed tax increase. The increase in question would tax anyone making over $400,000 at a 62% rate, and though it is a valid reason for someone of his stature, Biden can’t snap his fingers and make it happen and surely not for a while, if he is elected.

The one person who called out 50, directly, for the potential damage his actions could cause was his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler. Handler made sure to remind 50 that Black lives matter and even offered to pay his taxes.

This morning, she joined The Breakfast Club to discuss her recent conversation with her ex-boo. Before starting the story, she immediately apologized for reminding 50 he is Black, which she says she has no right to do. She goes on to say they had a productive conversation and he backs Joe Biden and even got her permission to reveal that on the show. She also says she is open to reuniting with 50. If this was all a ploy to get his old thing back, we guess it was successful.

You can hear the full details on their convo below.

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