Barack Obama Is Having A LOT Of Funny Dismantling Donald Trump In Florida On Behalf Of Joe Biden And Kamala Harris [Video]

President Obama gives Biden-Harris stump speech in Orlando, Florida



President Barack Obama has completely lost his filter. For the past 3.75 years, the 44th POTUS has remained pretty quiet or at the very least measured when it comes to directly criticizing the sitting president of 53% of white women but that’s over now. As one of Barry’s former staff members told an MSNBC analyst, “the bear is off the leash”.

Barry touched down in Orlando, Florida yesterday to speak to a large socially-distant crowd essentially about how Donald Trump ain’t s#!t and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are THE s#!t. This wasn’t the Barry-O of 2008-2016, this was a free-wheeling Barry-O. This Barry-O had all the jokes, sarcasm, and cold hard facts to terrorize the mental space of his successor. In fact, said successor was so triggered by Barry’s speech that he live-tweeted some snowflake reactions.

Him wiwwle feewings is hutted. Awwww. If you haven’t had the time to watch this unfettered version of Barack Obama speak over the past couple of weeks then we highly suggest that you take the 40 minutes (or at least 20 minutes) and watch our President annihilate the lies, deceit, and shady shenanigans of the most worthless man to ever set foot in the Oval Office.

It’s absolutely delicious.

Finger. Lickin’. Good.

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