Vote In Person If Possible: Boston Police Arrest “Emotionally Disturbed” Man For Setting Fire To A Ballot Box

Boston man arrested for setting ballot box on fire damaging numerous votes

We get that there is a pandemic going on but…

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If you’re able, please vote in person so that things like this don’t rob you of your voice in the most crucial election of modern times.

According to the Boston Globe, a man named Worldly Armand was arrested for setting fire to a ballot box in Copley Square this past Sunday. A Suffolk County prosecutor described Worldly as “emotionally disturbed” but contended that he wasn’t “plotting against our democracy”. Not sure how he knows that to be true but, ok.

Armand is being held without bail on charges of willful and malicious burning.

Rachael Rollins, Suffolk County’s district attorney, stressed that while she’s “seen articles saying this is a threat to our democracy,” she said the incident did not appear to be tied to a larger effort to undermine voting in Massachusetts. (Rollins herself had earlier described the act as a “crime against democracy” in a Monday tweet.)

“I do not believe that this individual is plotting against our democracy,” Rollins told reporters in Roxbury, according to audio provided by her office. “I think he is emotionally disturbed, is what I am told.”

Why the flip-floppery, Rachael? Is it “Oochie Wally Wally” or is it “One Mic”? Either way, we don’t believe you, you need more people. Obviously, water had to be poured into the burning box to put out the flames. When it was finally opened, officials say there were 122 ballots in it. Of those, only 87 were legible the other 35 “could probably be read” and of those, 5 to 10 were badly damaged and completely unreadable.

Sooo, what happens to those ballots? The article didn’t give any instruction on if those people would be able to get replacements.

Dirty game.

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